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About us

Captain Pat

"After wandering along the Mediterranean Sea, sailing across the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans  to land in the lost lagoons of Polynesia, I have decided to share with you, my passion for the sea and surfing activities.
Our world is unique and so fragile, so we must sail in these wonderful  places and protect them.  I have this waterman life spirit and what could be more beautiful than reaching a surfing spot by the sea. I wish for you to discover its wonders."

Adventure begins with Pilgrim

Pilgrim is a nice Hanse 545 sailboat created by JUDEL VROLJIK, designer of the only European sailboat to win the America Cup. This elegant and racy 55 feet monohull is a real floating loft in terms of space and comfort. Its front deck has a large sunbathing area. Its tilting rear platform allows easy access to the sea.

Nevertheless, with its 20 tons, it remains a formidable cruise ship, very safe and very stable, unlike the current cruise catamarans, which are very sensitive to rolling and seasickness.

The rear lounge is ideal for eating, under the sun or under the stars. Pilgrim offers all the elements of comfort for life on board. 

Each cabin has a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. They are also equipped with LED reading lights and a slatted bed base and the boat is fully air-conditioned. Each cabin can set its own temperature. The central square is equipped with a high definition flat screen, a Nespresso coffee machine, microwave oven, freezer and fridge.